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Who's The Artist!

Why its none other than musician LUCY LOWIS!!!!!!

LUCY was recently featured in "WHO'S THE ARTIST" by the Plainwell Music Society and she is just about to complete a successful KickStarter to launch her debut album which ends May 2 2020! Here is a link to the KickStarter.

A little bit about LUCY LOWIS!!!!!

Lucy is a singer/songwriter from Michigan who's songs and artwork bare her own personal experiences and her positive outlook on life - with observations of everyday simple joy are consistent themes. She also touches on more sensitive topics of love, loss and the human condition.

Featured at school talent shows from 3rd grade onward, playing a guitar that dwarfed her small frame and singing in a confident, strong voice, well beyond her years, immersed in music creation spending most of her childhood in her father’s recording studio. In 2018, she recorded demos of a few of her original songs, which caught the attention of Michigan artists in the Andrew Fisher Quartet, who invited her to open for the band. Her original song, Safe Haven, was featured at a holiday fundraiser where she also was a showcased performer alongside several seasoned musicians! Demos for Safe Haven, Sunshine Girl and Waiting have accumulated 100,000 credited plays on various streaming platforms and over 5,000 youtube views in just a few months. Lucy was selected as a finalists at the Fretboard Festival in Kalamazoo in 2019 and 2020. Successful performances at area art hops have opened opportunities and she is now performing regularly in local venues while maintaining her studies and recording her debut album “Seventh Cycle Soul,” due for independent release in 2020, featuring a full band on many tracks.

Plainwell Music Society

P.O.Box 175

Plainwell, MI 49080​

for updates, information, and of course, MUSIC!  

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