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The only thing constant is change.

The Plainwell Music Society is in the process of making changes to our online presence.

Our goals:

  1. To increase our ability to communicate with our sponsors, patrons and performers.

  2. To increase our ability to listen and be aware of the concerns, ideas and responses of our supporters.

"We hope to hear from you as you explore our new look and interactive musical segments". - Paula Fenstermaker - Secretary, Plainwell Music Society

Meet Plainwell Music Society Member - 

Secretary Paula Fenstermaker!

Q. How many years have you been with the Plainwell Music Society?

A. Since 2008, secretary since day one!

Q. Are you in any other community musical organizations or groups?

A. River Citys Concert band member, and am on the board of directors.

Q. What instruments do you play?

A. Clarinet and guitar, been working on the keyboard and just got a recorder and teaching myself to play it.

Q. Which istrument have you played the longest?

A. Played the clarinet since 6th grade in Flushing, Michigan.

Q. Did you march in the band?

A. YES! Played drum! I played tenor drum in the marching band.

Q. Impressive! You didn't mention that in your list of instruments, what other specials skills are you hiding from us?

A. None that I think of, lol.

Q. How long have you lived in the Plainwell Area?

A. Since 1987 when I moved to Otsego to teach Special Education in Otsego Public Schools, and team taught Reading at Allegan Street Elementary for 4th graders!

Q. What do you like the most about the Plainwell Music Society?

A. The ability to bring music to the people in the community that might not be able to drive greater distance for music, due to transprotaton restrictions and other things; that friends get together and have a good time. The concerts are a social interactaction that community members look forward to.

Q. It's the 30th Anniversary, you've been with PMS since 2008, have you seen any positive changes in your time as a member of the society?

A. Pass the hat used to happen, now it is donations and sponsors so people can come and truly experience a FREE PUBLIC CONCERT in the park, that was something I was working towards, and I would like to keep this society strong as it is an important part of the community,

Q. What things besides music has the society done for community?

A. Last years was first year that we provided a scholarship in collaboration with the River City Concert Band. The recipient was chosen by members of the Plainwell Music Society and members of the River City Concert Band, based on application and try out process. Also, last year we had a community member share information about the Talons Out Honor Flight for veterans.  Patrons who came to concerts where able to get information about the Honor Flight from her, to spread awareness to those who might not have access the information. 

Plainwell Music Society

P.O.Box 175

Plainwell, MI 49080

Please FOLLOW on Facebook for updates, information, and of course, MUSIC!  

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